Welcome to a world where a timeless holistic approach to Ayurvedic Wisdom blends with contemporary science-inspired mindfulness

Earth Aura is a nature-inspired authentic brand part of with its foundation rooted in cohesive values of ancient Ayurvedic science embracing Rejuvenation, Vitality and Replenishment. A pioneer of contemporary Ayurveda, this quintessential organic brand combines Sustainability with Innovative Biotechnology.


Nurturing your body, Mind and Soul, Naturally


Sustainability is the fulcrum of Earth Aura’s philosophy devoted to redefining organic industry benchmarks for products that are good for the humankind and our Mother Earth. Earth Aura believes in celebrating diversity through bringing out elixirs and nutrient-rich products infused with mesmerizing aroma.


Earth Aura is an organic brand focused on integrating selectively sourced organic ingredients in our modern lifestyles through a diversified organic product folio. All products are empowered with the extraordinary vibratory energy that embodies all ingredients natural, pure, and plant-based that our Mother Earth has to offer.


Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility is an integral aspect of Earth Aura’s core values emphasizing on minimizing its footprint to conserve what deserves to be conserved: Our Mother Earth. Committed to taking the legacy forward of the timeless Ayurvedic wisdom, Earth Aura’s products offer extraordinary value propositions. Through harnessing the resourcefulness of artisans, native forest communities, and small-scale farmers, Earth Aura has embarked on the eternal journey to inspire an organic lifestyle. The brand has generated massive employment opportunities to help them earn a decent livelihood.








The Promise of Pure Organic


Earth Aura persistently remains engaged in striking a perfect balance between “Nature” and “Science” by scouring the Earth from forests to the mountains and beyond to source the rare ingredients to create world-class quality products. Earth Aura’s mindful concoctions are designed to ensure the utmost level of freshness and efficacy combined with impeccable finishing ensuring no leeway for any kind of exposure to bacteria and moisture.


Naturally Healing, Organically Pure


The organic way of life has made an impressive comeback as worldwide people have initiated rejecting chemical-laden products. Earth Aura pursues standard hygiene and cruelty-free manufacturing processes to create expertly designed products by leveraging state-of-the-art R&D department’s knowledge. Check out the product folio of the finest organic products to discover the supreme quality natural products.


Pure Care for A Pure Conscience


Organic products offered by Earth Aura blends essential Minerals, Vitamins, Botanicals, and beyond to nourish, heal and rejuvenate Body, Mind and Soul without harming our Mother Earth. Harvested in synchrony with the lunar cycle, attention to detail and precise techniques like Permaculture are employed for growing herbs, oil and aromatic flowers and other essentials. Earth Aura truly offers a ray of hope- a way forward towards a transition to a greater sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical future that seeks to integrate the quintessential knowledge of timeless Ayurveda. 


A Nourishing Vibe for the Body, Mind and Soul


Earth Aura promises ethically-sourced ingredients from the Mother Earth to deliver prominent results emphasizing aromatic indulgence. Aligning Body, Mind and Soul rejuvenation with nature’s cycles is a distinctive concept pursued by Earth aura. Made with all nature-inspired ingredients, come close to the Mother Earth by unleashing Earth Aura products. 









An Oasis of Ayurveda


Ayurveda is the essence of nature’s evolution deeply rooted in Mother Nature. Everything in this Nature is created of 5 elements “panchamahabhuta”- Space (Akasha), Fire (Agni), Earth (Prithvi), Air (Vayu), Water (Jala). According to Ayurveda, their interrelationship plays a pivotal role in determining our physical, emotional and mental characteristics. The combination of these elements in the form of bio-psychic forces is known as “Doshas: Pitta, Kapha and Vata”. Any kind of imbalance in these 3 different Doshas can lead to health ailments. Earth Aura is committed to offering innovative holistic solutions in the form of natural products, to balance these three Doshas to help you lead a healthy life. By leveraging the power of five elements of Nature, Earth Aura responds to changing natural cycles transition into a more ethical and sustainable way of life. Meet Mother Nature’s best- kept secrets that fit perfectly in your nature-inspired lifestyle. 



Natural in Every Way


By translating the organic lifestyle into an array of purely natural products, Earth Aura helps you embrace the organic way of life. From Facewash to Organic Shampoo, we will have you rejuvenating in no time.


Cruelty free


Our standout cruelty-free products are non-toxic and are focused on ultimate freshness and absolute purity. If you share a penchant for aromatic organic products, embrace our cruelty-free products and bid adieu to the products featuring SLS, Parabens, sulphates and what not.


Reliable Shipping


Consistency is woven into every aspect of Earth Aura involving Shipping. We leverage the most reliable payment gateway and shipping facility to offer the most hassle-free experience to our valuable users. T&C apply.

Made in India


“Swadeshi” is a candid blueprint of our existence rather than just a philosophy. Earth Care and People Care are intertwined in perfect harmony as a multitude of ideas keeps shaping up in the pursuit of our “Make In India” vision.