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Made from fine mixture of Chandan, Gau dhuli (Cow's dust) and Tulsi, which is symbol of divinity and prosperity.


Chandan is symbols of divinity and prosperity as it offers to GOD. As name itself defines, core ingredient is pure sandalwood. It has many spiritual significations as well like it is used in Hindu religious rituals and ceremonies to purify the space. That paste is also applied on the forehead to bring the devotee closer to the divine. 


  • Improve concentration power. 
  • When you apply Chandan, you block the negative energy from entering the body. 
  • Ayurveda believes massaging this spot with Chandan can relieve stress and insomnia. 
  • In a hot tropic country like India, applying sandalwood on your forehead can help cool your entire system.

How to Use?

Take a pinch of SHRI CHANDAN add 2-3 drops of water. Mix and apply on your forehead or between eyebrows. 

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